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Pizza Making Classes

What is a Pummarola Pizza Class?

Learn how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza under the instruction of our master pizza makers

Our pizza makers will teach you how to make fresh Neapolitan style pizza at home, using the recipes and techniques they grew up with in Naples, Italy. You will learn how to prepare pizza dough from scratch, how to stretch and dress your pizza, and the baking techniques to achieve our signature fire-kissed crust.

Pummarola Pizza Classes begin with the most essential step to pizza making: preparing the dough. Be sure to roll up your sleeves, as this part can be messy! You will be given a bowl with all of the necessary pizza dough ingredients. You will mix and knead them to form the perfect dough pat for delicious Neapolitan style pizza.

After learning the art of dough preparation, our team will pack up your dough pat for you to take home. You will then learn how to stretch the dough and add the ideal amounts of ingredients. For the final portion of the class, our pizza makers will bake your personal pizza in our wood-fired oven for you to enjoy.


Pummarola Pizza Classes are perfect for date nights, families, or anyone who loves fresh pizza.

Book your class today for a fun and unforgettable pizza making experience!

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Pummarola Pizza Making Classes include:

  • One drink per person (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

  • Hands-on instruction with our expert pizza makers

  • Take-home pizza dough

  • One personal pizza with any toppings of your choice

A mother and child making pizza during the pizza class.
Two teenagers with aprons during a pizza class.

How much do you know
about Neapolitan style pizza?

You will learn everything there is to know about Neapolitan style pizza. You will also enjoy your own personal pizza with unlimited toppings afterward. Our talented and experienced pizza makers will bake them for you in our wood-fired oven!

Making Neapolitan pizza isn't that difficult.

We will teach you our methods.
Children of all ages are welcome to participate.

A woman adding sauteed eggplant to her pizza during a pizza class.
A man and two toddlers making dough during a pizza class.

We have everything you need to feel comfortable learning how to prepare Neapolitan style pizza.

You only need to arrive!

Pummarola provides everything for you.

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